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WIN PLACE SHOW TV Season Two – Contestants TBA



NOTE: To see a short video clip of their Casting Call Final Interview, click on their photo

  • name Matthew Sanchez "Don't bet on the jockey eating doughnuts before the race! Regardless of color, look for some X-factor." He knows it when he sees it. Has experience as both a boxer and ballroom dancer. His girlfriend convinced him to audition. Instagram
  • name Cheryle Bernard Bets win, place, show after studying the program and considering the stats. Looks for established jockeys that are well matched to their horse. She's animated and trusts her instincts, yet sometimes over thinks. And she can guess the weight of a diamond fairly accurately. Facebook Twitter
  • name Dan Kras Fulfilled his life-long dream of retiring to Southern California from Michigan. He looks for trends and follows the hot jockeys and trainers. A casual bettor who bets a little to win a lot.
  • name Tiffany Soto Wants to learn more about statistics and strategies of horse racing. Has a passion for grey horses and would name a horse Futures Contract. Describes herself as nerdy partly because she enjoys reading about tax codes. Her best trait is being right all the time and her worst trait is that being right all the time annoys others. Tiffany on wsRadio.com Facebook Instagram Listen