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    Ben Dominguez

    Executive Producer


    From: Houston, TX

    I have worked on every NBC Olympics since 1984, Golden Globes First Look for the past three years, Multiple Emmy Awards, NBA Basketball for CBS, NFL Football for ABC, a few hundred Entertainment Segments and over two thousand news broadcasts!
    My race horse's name would be:
    "Breaking News” because I do a lot of it!

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    Jimmy Allard



    From: Rochester, NY

    My given name is James Everett Allard but for over three decades now, I have been known as Jimmy "THE HAT" Allard because of my ever-present fedora. My philosophy in life is simple: the person with the most knowledge has the edge. I will match my expertise on horse racing with anybody, anywhere, anytime.
    This is not a boast. This is how I have made my living and reputation for the last 32 years. I'm proud to have taken home millions and there's more to come.
    Over the years, I have come to know and love the thrilling world of horse racing.
    As Host of Win Place Show, I am hoping you will too!
    My race horse's name would be:
    "Rochester Slew".

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    Linda Monares



    From: Glendale, CA

    I have worked on countless live television events for NBC, ABC, and CBS. In addition, I have had the opportunity to produce live award shows and conferences. I have won two Emmy's as a director on Time Warner's Regional Sports Network and 'A Place of Our Own'. In my free time I love skydiving and mentoring young girls interested in the industry.
    My race horse's name would be:
    an affectionate name I give my mother who is my hero!

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    Michelle Willrich



    From: Whittier, CA

    I've worked on everything from digital content to The Oscars. I won an Emmy for The Oscars. Weird, I know. Some highlights were traveling around the world with The Miss Universe Pageant, directing for clients such as Walmart, Revlon and Zillow, producing a variety of reality shows about twins, pit bulls, car racing and little people (not all on the same show but that would be fun!) and I have worked the red carpets for just about every award show you can name.
    My race horse's name would be:
    It's the name of my production company and roughly translates as "to be rich" which seems like a great name for a race horse!