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Win Place Show horse racing contestant TV show filming in Del Mar

Set at the Del Mar Racetrack, TV series WIN PLACE SHOW began airing worldwide Sept. 5th, 2017 on TVG / TVG2, announced Penns Lane Entertainment, LLC.
WIN PLACE SHOW spans a 10-week episode season opening a whole new window into the art and science of race handicapping and the alluring horse racing industry. Production ran from July 19th through September 3rd, 2017.

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Saturday October 21 - 5:30AM PT/8:30AM ET
Sunday October 22 - 5:30AM PT/8:30AM ET
Monday October 23 - 8PM PT/11PM ET


Tuesday October 24 - 9AM PT/12NOON ET
Tuesday October 24 - 8PM PT/11PM ET
Wednesday October 25 - 9AM PT/12NOON ET
Friday October 27 - 5:30AM PT/8:30AM ET
Saturday - October 28 - 5:30AM PT/8:30AM ET
Sunday - October 29 - 5:30AM PT/8:30AM ET

All episodes are airing on both TVG & TVG2
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Letter to our WIN PLACE SHOW TV viewers:

We, the Producers of WIN PLACE SHOW have appreciated your kind and thoughtful comments for our first five episodes.
We are especially thankful to the Contestants and Handicappers that participated in the show led by our passionate Host, Jimmy “The Hat” Allard.
Our intent is to entertain you the viewers and highlight the wonderful and joyful world of thoroughbred racing.
During a period of declining attendance at all race tracks, our focus is to promote a day at the races as an experience unlike any other.
Where equine athletes perform at their highest level, where personal participation is essential for the overall health
of the racing industry, and where an educated wager makes the day more exciting.
This is our humble effort, to produce WIN PLACE SHOW.
We are committed to elevating the horses, race tracks and fans that appreciate in the sport and its entertainment value.
With your continued viewership and sharing your awareness of the program, we are confident we will succeed in highlighting an industry that we are all passionate about.
We hope you continue to enjoy the upcoming shows of season one and cheer on the remaining contestants.

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