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WIN PLACE SHOW is an unscripted reality competition format based on the fast-paced and exciting world of one of the oldest sports in history, horse racing!

Fast, Real and Exciting...Teams of two compete by wagering on race outcomes – win, place, show. Each team tries to win the largest sum from their track bets. The team with the most winnings in round one, goes on to the next in a series of elimination rounds competing to become the ultimate Season winner.

Assigned Team Captains are professional handicappers and experts on placing the best possible wagers. The Team Captains advise and guide the teams on analyzing the horses, but leave the wagering to the teams. Team members must work together and tap their knowledge to place their wagers. Contestants come from all walks of life; entrepreneurs, flight attendants, writers and sales managers. Some are total novices, others more experienced. Who and what do they trust?

Jimmy “The Hat” Allard, the legendary no-nonsense always opinionated 30 year veteran handicapper, oversees the entire competition. He watches the interaction of Contestants with their Team Captains and with each other, reading them as he reads the horses!

Skill, luck and strategy are the basis for successful wagers. Teams learn how to spot a winning horse and find insight talking with jockeys, trainers, owners and handicappers. As Jimmy “The Hat” is fond of saying, "The person with the most knowledge will always come out ahead."

Teams win by wagering on three races per program chosen by Jimmy “The Hat”. Weighing the pros and cons of each horse, teams make their best choices and hope for the best. The final winning team will have successfully competed in all elimination rounds and beaten the odds to be the Season winner!

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