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WIN PLACE SHOW TV Series - The Scenario

Win Place Show horse racing contestant TV show to film in Del Mar and begin airing on TVG & TVG2.

Hosted by professional handicapper, Jimmy “The Hat” Allard, the show features two teams of two contestants along with their Team Captains, who are professional handicappers. They battle each other over three races.
The Team Captains are only allowed to assist with studying and evaluating the races. They CANNOT pick the betting amounts or make any selections of the Win-Place-Show bets for the Contestants. The team with the highest winnings at the end of the day will be deemed the winner and advances to the next round.

Executive Producer Ben Dominguez, who has won multiple Emmys and a Peabody Award, stated,

“On the track, using knowledge is only one part of the winning formula when it comes to handicapping races, the human factor is the other.
The key is to outthink the other contestants utilizing the counsel and guidance of the top handicappers this country has to offer.”

WIN PLACE SHOW spans a 10-week episode season opening a whole new window into the art and science of race handicapping and the alluring horse racing industry.

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